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This escort agency provides a high-quality outcall escort service that is both fast and discreet. We have the sexiest and most seductive call girls and call boys and they are available every second of the day, without disappointments. They all have no other mission than to see you happy and your fantasies fulfilled.

We understand that your visit to this page is simply because you are looking for the cleanliest and neatest escorts to hang out with tonight, over the weekend or for as long as possible. This is exactly why we are in existence after all. Stay put, we are about to take you on a long sensual ride!

Why are We so Famous?

You most likely didn’t navigate through many websites before you hit ours, and now you are stuck with us. Wondering why that is so? This is not to brag, but over the years, we have built a reputation for offering the highest quality escort boys and girls in cities like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and lots more. This is why we are so famous—quality service—the unrivaled type of quality.

We have got the quantity as well as the quality to complement it. We are very focused on the quality of our services to our clients and even to our call boys and call girls and it comes as no brainer that we have amassed the luxury of both quantity and quality. This is a rare combination all over the world and we are proud of it. Given our years of experience in the industry, both we and our clients perceive our service to be unrivaled.

How are We Different from the Rest?

Defined Culture

Since the time of the establishment of this agency, we have successfully built a culture of following due processes and procedures in handling all our affairs. This is very advantageous in the sense that our clients know exactly what to expect from us whenever they deal with us.

Honest Services

Honesty is our watchword and every past client can attest to this (you can check the review section if you are doubting). Disappointment is an experience you will never get from using our services. We have built an unshakable reputation over the years, having learnt from our trials, errors and mistakes. Now, we are past that stage! What we have left is quality. This reputation we have built is not a thing we can trade for gold. For your own good, and for our betterment, we just cannot afford to offer you any service short of 100% quality and satisfaction. We do what say and say what we will do. Apart from unavoidable natural occurrences, our actions are 100% predictable.

Strong Relationship with Clients

As our client, we will build strong relationships with you, irrespective of class, race or age, and make sure we lend you an ear so we can make the best selection for you. Even when you are lost in the long list of quality escorts that has been provided for you, we can come to the rescue and make a very nice selection for you. In other words, if time is not on your side, we can help you with the task of selecting the best escort for you. Where you have special criteria, (say health concern, beauty standard, etc) for us to base our selection on, we still have you covered, dear client. We will treat you so specially you would begin to imagine if we do not have other clients we are attending to.

Competitive Prices

For a lack of better term, our prices are competitive—but where is even the competition to start with? Our escort services come as the MOST AFFORDABLE in the industry (Overnight 17000 Baht). We set a pace that the rest cannot even catch up with, let alone, follow, as far as this western escort business is concerned in Pattaya, Bangkok and phuket.

You might be tempted to think or imagine that our affordable prices have a thing on the quality of services you will enjoy from us. But that is very far from the truth, dear client. Contrary to the popular belief, our affordable prices of western, white, foreign, European and Ukrainian escorts is a direct demonstration of our business objective, which is “customer satisfaction.” We believe that everyone on this earth deserves some fun and enjoyment without having to break the bank. This is why we run our business in such an efficient way to ensure that unnecessary costs and expenses are eliminated.

More so, we have cranked down our profit margin just to make sure you get good value for your money. And no hidden charges whatsoever.

Best Customer Support

Our customer support groups, or customer representatives are attuned to our objective of customer satisfaction. They are on seat, 24/7, ready to take in your requests, enquiries, questions, orders and even suggestion.

They are very well-trained and professional. You will be glad talking to them because of how they will attend to you. They serve as an alternative to the online support you already have on this site. This means that you can alternatively contact them to lodge a complaint, ask a question, book an escort and more.

They are especially there for those busy clients who prefer an alternative that will do the job for them. In this case, whatever your desires and ticks are in an escort, do not hesitate to tell them. In the same vein, whatever your sexual fantasies are, no matter how dirty they are, just tell them and they will help you make a very good selection based on the info you provide them. They understand that there’s more to the escort service than just the actual fucking session that comes to mind, and this is why they will be very attentive to you. They are fast and swift in doing this.

Active Escorts in Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya; No Dulling!

We have an overwhelming list of escorts available for you to choose from. Unlike other agencies that have inactive accounts, all of the escorts you see on this page are super active and vigilant. Just try initiating a chat with any of them and you would think they had been waiting for your call since ages.

The maintenance team keeps the site up and running, screening every account one after the other in order to determine their availability. Therefore, there’s no disappoint in the form of choosing a particular escort only to discover that they are not available at the moment. You want her? Grab her!

Simplified Service for Sophisticated Clients

We have built this website to make sure that even a grandpa from the last century can conveniently navigate without needing his son’s assistance. You are just a few clicks away from landing your dream escort girl. It is just as easy as it looks. And as a backup and alternative, we have the offline channel, i.e., the customer support.

Plenty of Escorts for You

Quality and quantity, we got them! We have stunning escorts girls from Russia and Europe to make your night a memorable one.

We have beautiful and gorgeous foreign escort girls that know sex beyond sex. These particular ones make love to you instead of having just “sex” with you. It can be in the form of girlfriend experience or wife experience or however you want to term it.

Who doesn’t love super white girls from Ukraine? If you are not among the people that do not love these sexy models, then we got you covered. Warm your bed tonight with one Ukrainian escort before the day breaks.

Oh, what about guys? There are plenty of guys that are ready to meet you in your hotel room, escort you to dates, parties and so on. We cannot overemphasize the fitness and physique of these guys; damn! You will get wet or probably drown in your own waters by the time you see them. They come from different parts of the world, including, Russia, Europe, etc.

Why Choose Our Escorts in Thailand?

Booking our beautiful and handsome escorts comes with a lot of benefits, which we will look into. Read on!

Physical Attractiveness and Neatness

As stated earlier, we have escorts from all over the world and all of them are very beautiful and will be pleasing to anyone to look at. During selection, we make sure that no escort is selected randomly. Doing this is a setback and dent on our reputation. Instead, we take our time to make sure that every escort is appropriately screened before he or she can qualify to work with us.

It is not by mistake or coincidence that you haven’t found an escort that you don’t like on our platform. It is due to deliberate actions on our side. In essence, this means that physical attractiveness and neatness are standard features and characteristics of all of our escorts, both male and female.

We traveled through Europe, Russian, Ukraine and more to hunt for the best among the bests

Professionalism and Experience

On a regular, our escorts are very professional in dealing with clients. Also, they are very experienced. These two qualities are what we have instilled in them to make sure our agency is well represented when we are not there. Their services could get so real you might wonder if you are dreaming or in reality. However, they will never get entangled or get into any side affairs with their clients. Therefore, their acting, no matter how real, is just them doing what they know how to do best.

Wide Variety of Escort Services in Thailand by Russian, European and Ukrainian call girls and western couple or male escorts

With our escort ladies and call boys, it is not just about sex. They will take you to new levels of fun, adventure and experience. They are in for threesome, foursome, orgy, BDSM, deep romance, body to body massages, French kissing, raw sex, anal sex, live sex show and lots more! You just name it.

As a client, you decide what you want and how you want it. If you want to fuck throughout, good luck with that; if you want to go on some adventures, go on, have fun!

Couple escort Services in Thailand

You can book two or more of compatible escorts for yourself or yourself and your partner, and they will work together to satisfy you. This service comes in handy when you desire to ignite the quenched fire in your romantic relationship, or when you wish to try threesome, foursome or orgy.

Discretion and Privacy

Your pictures will never fly over the internet as a result of you getting involved with our escorts. It is against our business ethics to reveal customers' info to a third party. Not them, not us will ever do that. Therefore, be relaxed; feel free to discuss anything with them, they got it sealed.

Talking about privacy, our escorts are conscious of their boundaries and will never transgress. They won’t touch what they are not meant to touch, look what they are not to look or go where they are not meant to go.

Still on privacy, we can go as far as bringing the discussion and negotiation to your hotel room. It is even one of the reasons why our escorts only offer outcall services!

VIP Treatment

Escort girls and boys from this agency have been trained to provide personalized services to each client, based on his or her needs. This means that when they are with you, you have them all to yourself. They can work like dolls who can’t make decisions of their own if you want them to. On the other hand, you can ask them to deal with you on a freestyle mode. Try that mode and be wowed!


  1. All male escorts are straight

  2. There are straight female escorts

  3. There are lesbian female escorts

  4. There are bisexual female escorts


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